Rimowa Salsa Air – Review

Rimowa Salsa Air













  • high-quality plastic
  • very aesthetic design
  • great interior layout
  • TSA lock
  • stable linkage


  • very high price
  • not available on Amazon
Rimowa Salsa Air
Rimowa Salsa Air

The Rimowa Salsa Air is an exciting case. It is available in different sizes. You have the choice between six different sizes.

In this article I want to especially consider the version for hand luggage with 34 liters for a closer look, although the statements are surely applicable to the remaining models.

You learn what advantages the suitcase has to offer and which disadvantages it has to deal with.

Finally, I would like to make a recommendation, for whom this case is suited best.

Weaknesses of the Rimowa Suitcase

To to start with the cons, it is worth mentioning that the shell material polycarbonate is used in the case of the trolley.

Polycarbonate is considered as the third best material on the market. Aluminium and curv are in humble my opinion better, but of course also have some disadvantages.

Polycarbonate is flexible and very unbreakable, but not as scratch resistant as curv. In the case of curv, only the market leader Samsonite – and biggest competitor to Rimowa – is allowed to use this material since it owns the right patent.

In comparison to aluminium, polycarbonate does not give this exclusive look and feel which aluminium can give and for which Rimowa was widely getting known for. However in for this spinner Rimowa decided to use the high quality plastic, polycarbonate.

All in all, polycarbonate is a good material for transport containers such as suitcases but there two doing the job even better but are not as affordable as polycarbonate.

The second weakness and also the biggest is the price.

The german manufacturer Rimowa, whose aim is to deliver the highest quality possible, certainly produces the most expensive trolleys available which of course also requires an appropriate price.

There is not much having to be said to this point. The only thing is to mention that this suitcase is not meant for bargain hunters but for people who think buying a cheap but inferior product is a false economy and will need replacement soon.

Not quite a weakness, but probably a contra is the lack of availability on Amazon since Rimowa does not sell on Amazon in general.

Strengths of the Salsa Air

When it comes to the strengths of the Salsa Air, the weight is extremely low because of the polycarbonate being used.  For this reason, the trolley can provide, for its respective size, plenty of storage space. This suitcase ist probably the one in which you can get the most things packaged into.

The aesthetics of the Salsa Air is designed in a very elegant and stringent way. By this, there is nothing to complain about. The suitcase just looks nice.

With the bright colors, namely ice blue, lime green, carrarwhite, navy blue & ultraviolet, the trolley looks confident and can still be found quickly at the baggage claim.

Furthermore the wheels work well and withstand a lot. In case they should be damaged or break there are replacements available which is not always the case, especially for cheap products.

Likewise, the linkage of the spinner is easy to pull out and feels to be pretty durable.

Conclusion – Rimowa Salsa Air

In summary, it surely can be said that the Rimowa Salsa Air is a great suitcase.

The design is well executed and the used material is among the very best.

In view of the price/performance ratio the case offers indeed an excellent quality, handling and processing, although the price is quite high.

Therefore, the Rimowa Salsa Air is most suitable for frequent travelers who have a very high travel volume and want to indulge in the luxury of a trolley, whose only complaint is the price.

Alternatives to Rimowa Salsa Air

Samsonite Cosmolite

Samsonite Cosmolite
Samsonite Cosmolite

The Cosmolite by Samsonite is also a very good trolley.
The design is well performed and the patented material curv is the best on the market.

In view of the price/performance ratio the suitcase also provides a good quality, handling and processing at a little bit more reasonable price in comparison to the Rimowa Salsa Air.

The Samsonite Cosmolite spinner is best for travelers who have a medium to high travel volumes.

Samsonite Black Label Cosmolite Spinner 55/20, Black, One Size
  • Curv technology is a new concept in thermoplastics and it creates extremely lightweight products that offer exceptional resistance to impact
  • Four multi-directional spinner wheels allow 360 upright rolling in multiple directions so there is no weight on your arm or shoulder
  • The fixed combination lock offers protection for your treasured belongings
  • Integrated bungee cord for securing baggage on top

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