Luggage Delsey: Brand review and top 3 luggage

Delsey is one of the most well-known and appreciated manufacturers in the luggage industry. The luggage Delsey products are high end, usually costly, made from sturdy materials and with elegant design.

The company sells a large variety of luggage in different sizes, colours, and prices that benefit from very impressive reviews from its users.

Delsey Brand Review: What is Delsey?

Delsey is a French company founded in 1946 by three men who were focusing on producing leather cases for cameras.

Currently, the company is present in over 110 countries on 5 continents and one Delsey suitcase is sold every 10 seconds.

Delsey is responsible for several innovations that changed the luggage we use today. It is the first company who created and sold rigid luggage on wheels, in the1970s.

In 2009, Delsey has launched the Over Weight Indicator that alerted the travellers when their luggage exceeded the standard 50 lbs. weight allowance.

In 2015, Delsey proposed a smart suitcase that was able to communicate with a smartphone through a dedicated app.

Features also included a locator beacon, wireless speaker, phone charger, weighing scale and a remote locking system.

Currently, Delsey ranks 5th on the most popular luggage brands list.

Top 3 Delsey luggage

Delsey Luggage Chatelet Hard+

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The Chatelet Hard+ is a very elegant and durable suitcase. It has 3 handles, two leather handles on the top and side and a retractile metal handle on top. It has an identification plate on the back that makes locating the suitcase much more easily.
The suitcase has many features most people find very appealing:

  • Stylish, expensive looking color options: Champagne, Black, Brown,and Chocolate
  • A wheel locking mechanism that will allow users to lock the wheels in place by using a dial on the back of the case. The back has two options: “stop” and “go”.
  • Fully lined interior with zipper divider that can be used to minimize shifting of contents. This divider can be also used to separate the clean clothes from the dirty ones.
  • A TSA-approved lock is meant to secure the content and it allows TSA agents to open the bag without any damage to the lock.
  • The suitcase is made of 100% Virgin Polycarbonate for increased durability. The material is a very strong and flexible material that can withstand temperatures up to 298 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • The material of the bag scratches easily even on regular use
  • Several reviews report not being able to unlock the suitcase
  • The case doesn’t expand and you have to always pack economically or use packing cubes


  • The bag has great interior with many pockets in convenient places including a laundry bag for dirty clothes and a shoe bag
  • The case is very sturdy and reliable
  • The case roles smoothly without much effort
  • The front wheels can be locked in place so that the case doesn’t roll away on a slop
  • 10-year warranty

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Delsey Luggage Montmartre+

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The Montmartre+ is an alternative to the classic hard-sided suitcases. It is very lightweight compared to other luggage of the same size and thus is easy to carry. It has an expandable capacity that adds extra storage space.

  • Durable and reliable suitcase made of 1680d ballistic nylon with Teflon treatment
  • The interior offers many organizational options, including an easy-access compartment for dirty laundry, a built-in laptop sleeve that fits a 15.6-inch laptop, and a water-resistant pocket
  • Double spinner wheels that are silent-running and very smooth and without any effort, according to most product reviews
  • It has a dual locking telescoping handle system that helps relieve the weight usually placed on the arms
  • It has a TSA-approved lock to protect the content and make it available to the TSA agents at the same time
  • The suitcase is available in three colours: Black, Navy, and Bordeaux


  • The inside straps do not latch correctly which creates the need for packing cubes, according to some user reviews


  • The suitcase is very lightweight and easy to carry
  • It has a TSA-approved lock that can be opened with a unique identification code
  • 10-year warranty
  • It is made from durable ballistic nylon in combination with Teflon which makes it durable and stain-resistant
  • It has an expandable interior that includes several pockets including a laptop sleeve
  • The silent-running wheels make the suitcase very maneuverable

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Delsey Luggage Helium Aero International

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Helium Aero International is a lightweight suitcase especially designed to be carried on the international trips. It has a sturdy built and it is very easy to carry due to its silent-running wheels.

  • The hard side is made from durable polycarbonate and the soft side from polyester
  • The suitcase comes in 9 colour variations including the most popular Cobalt Blue as well as Titanium, Brick Red, Midnight Blue, and Peony
  • It has large front compartment with easy access and an integrated laptop sleeve and 2 pockets for computer accessories and objects you might need quick access too
  • The main compartment expands up 2 inches for extra packing space
  • Large, lined interior on the soft and the hard side The soft side has a large compartment and zippered pockets and the hard side has two compartments and a 50/50 opening
  • The suitcase is very lightweight due to its polycarbonate construction


  • The exterior scratches very easily, sometimes after just one use
  • Users have reporter zipper problems on occasions


  • It has a conveniently placed laptop compartment that is accessible from the outside
  • It is a very stylish and professional looking suitcase
  • The TSA-approved lock secures the content and provides access for the TSA agents
  • The spinner wheels move softly without much noise and help reduce the weight that usually rests on the arms
  • It has large compartments including an expandable main compartment that allows for additional packing space
  • Worldwide limited 10-year warranty

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Wrapping Up: Luggage Delsey

Delsey Luggage is known for high-quality products that are made to last.

Overall users are very satisfied with both the quality and the functionality but there are a few negative reviews that no product lacks. Most of the complaints are due to easy scratching and zipper problems.

A great feature that accompanies all Delsey luggage, as well as other high-end brands, is the TSA-approved lock.

This makes the content of the suitcase available to the TSA agents when they think it is necessary to be inspected, but at the same time secured it for anyone else.

Another common feature that seems to be common to all Delsey luggage is the silent-running, double spinner wheels that make carrying the suitcase without any difficulty.

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