The 10 best luggage brands for every travel!

When you are searching for a great luggage for your travels there occurs the question which luggage brand might be the best. Of course, that depends on what you need. But here are the – generally speaking – 10 best luggage brands you should consider!

The 10 best luggage brands


Rimowa LuggageThe manufacturer Rimowa offers different case, which are not to exceed instability and class. Customers from around the world are enthusiastic about the products of Rimowa and count on the quality of the provider.

The pieces of luggage by Rimowa are priced in the upper class. So most suitcases cost between 200 and 800$. Here, the highest demands in terms of quality, finish and comfort are met and reached in order to form an indestructible robustness. Rimowa is definitely the correct seller if you are looking for a suitcase for life.

Company History of Rimowa

The foundation for the success of Rimowa was laid in 1898 the manufactory of Paul Morszeck in Cologne, Germany. At that time the first cases were still mainly made of wood, with great emphasis on a light weighted design and maximum stability.

From the 20s, demanding frequent travellers themselves were inspired by the luxurious suitcases of the company. The son of the founder brings 1937 the first overseas trunk made of light metal onto the market. This led to many new ideas based on this material. Since then the brand name Rimowa had been derived from »Richard Morszeck trademark”.

In the 1950s, the first aluminium suitcase was produced with grooves, whose design is an unmistakable classic today and became the trademark of Rimowa. All products by Rimowa are still equipped with the strip, which stabilizes the form.

1976 succeeds Dieter Morszeck with the first waterproof alloy suitcase which was a big developmental step. The waterproof case protects delicate equipment of photographers and film crews reliably against water and humidity. Heat and cold did not affect the products anymore as well.

Another step was reached in 2000th. The world’s first trolley from polycarbonate revolutionized the building of luggage. It made the luggage a lot easier and much more durable. With the reduced weight, traveling started to get much more pleasant.

In 2001 all trolleys were equipped with ball bearing wheels, the so-called Multi Wheel. Thus, heavily packed suitcase could move effortlessly and turn into every direction.

Nowadays the cases are now available on the market in aluminium and polycarbonate in several models and sizes. The classic grooves in the baggage still form of the manufacturer’s trademark.

Today’s hardshell case models

The contemporary product lines are high quality and thoroughly thought through.

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The birth of Victorinox as a brand goes way back, all the way to 1884 in Ibach-Schwyz, Switzerland.

A man named Karl Elsener started his own cutler’s store and that is how this brand came to be.

This man is the great grandfather of the owner of Victorinox today.

His creative idea of building a compact knife proved to be a metamorphosis in the world of cutlery.

He formed a knife with multiple features and uses. It was a success without a doubt.

The brand – Victorinox

As years went by the brand has come out with several other products including watches, fragrances, apparel, travel gear along with their cutlery range.

With the passage of time the world has become advanced in technology and there is an ever increasing requirement for up to date equipment.

Victorinox has stayed on top with all these necessities and became advanced in their swiss knife range. The quality of their products is just as impressive if not better.

They are always hitting the spot with the best products and have recently come out with a few new ones which are going to be available before Christmas time.

Avolve 2.0

The first product is from their travel range.

It Victorinox Avolve 2.0 is basically a luggage carry-on. But being made by Victorinox, it has some special features.

Advantages of the Avolve 2.0

  • It is made 100% from Polyester.
  • It can carry weight of up to 6.8 pounds.
  • It has a width of 13.75 inches, it has a height of 22 inches and a depth of 10 inches. It is a high quality and high grade carry on.
  • It has four wheels giving you the option to rotate the bag in 360 degree for super efficient and comfortable turning and rolling. But from moving from the ground to carpet, you might need to tug a little.
  • The grip is extremely comfortable and it is spacious in general to give extra space for packing luggage.
  • It has a quick access top pocket for extra luggage.
  • It is airport and airplane aisle friendly in terms of size and gliding on the floor. It has positive reviews all the way.

Disadvantages of the Avolve 2.0

  • It has a disadvantage that when moving from the floor to a carpeted area, you will need to tug in order to get the bag across.
  • Another one is that the wheels are not very easy to turn all around.

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Spectra 2.0

The Victorinox Spectra 2.0 is another travel carry on. It is another great product from Victorinox.

Advantages of the Spectra 2.0

  • It is made 100% from Polycarbonate.
  • It is height is 29 inches and it is 47 centimeters wide. It has a depth of 10.6 inches.
  • It can carry weight of up to 8.8 pounds.
  • It is material is break resistant and it is lined is mesh.
  • It is handle is made of Aluminum.
  • It is light weight providing ease for long traveling trips.
  • It is also scratch free with a clean and matte finish on it’s body. According to reviews, it is very travel friendly and does not wear out at all.
  • It does not tip over when standing which is extremely helpful.

Disadvantages of the Spectra 2.0

  • One concern is about the wheels. They are made from a hard plastic material which makes them quite hard to turn at times and they also make a lot of noise. They are made from a hard plastic material which makes them quite hard to turn at times and they also make a lot of noise.

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Almont 3.0

The Victorinox Almont 3.0 a classic bag made with a flip over front buckle closure.

Advantages of the Almont 3.0

  • It is made 100% from Nylon.
  • It is 26.5 centimeters wide and 34 centimeters high.
  • It weighs about .8 pounds. Inside, it has a super protective and safe space for an electronic device such as a tablet or an iPad.
  • Outside, it has got a flip over front which closes with a buckle.
  • The material of this bag is extremely high quality and perfect for delicate electronic devices. Other compartments are hidden to provide extra safety.

Disadvantage of the Almont 3.0

  • It has a long strap but not a small handle to be carried by hand, which has been a concern for a few buyers.

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Holidays are getting closer and that means you should speed up your search for a luggage. Before you get swapped away by the suitcase design and irresistible color, make sure you consider the quality too. Design is actually the last thing to be considered.

There are so many variations of luggage on the market you can choose between. We have reviewed and rated some of the best suitcases. To safe you the time, we have also tested their features and have chosen the best suggestions for your next trip. What we discovered is that there are no universal vacations and therefore, there are no universal suitcases. Each person should choose according to his own preferences, although the quality of some products is undeniable. Having all this on mind, these Tumi suggestions came pretty close to being the perfect choice.

Tumi – quality leader

Tumi is considered a luxury luggage company which has a sustainable top of the notch quality. It is founded in 1975 and have made name for themselves by using their famous ballistic nylon material. Tumi also manufactures other accessories such as belts, pens and other business equipment. The company has been manufacturing innovative travel items since the day they are founded, however, the prices of their products became acceptable to the masses after 2004.

Nowadays, when people consider buying a Tumi suitcase, they are usually contemplating the price. No one has ever questioned the quality of Tumi luggage. If it fits your limited budget, it is a great choice you won’t regret.

Things to consider when choosing the perfect suitcase

Shell of the luggage

There are hard shell suitcase materials which are suitable for items which could easily be damaged, but they also have a slightly increased weight.

On the other side, there are soft suitcase materials which could not be scratched and are extremely lightweight.

Whichever option you choose make sure you balance these two alternatives according to your needs.

Weight of the suitcase

Every traveler dreams and plans on packing only the essentials next time, but the reality is that no one has ever succeeded in this. The only other alternative is for your case to be lightweight.

Frame of the suitcase

To reveal a public secret – suitcases are not handled with care on airports. Instead, they are being tossed around. Therefore, a solid frame is the first thing you should look for in a suitcase. The durability of a luggage depends on the construction of the frame. If you get this right, your luggage would be a faithful companion on every trip you take for years to come.


Some brands have a shady reputation while others are fighting the copies of their products on the market. There is a simple reason for this. Some companies, have proven themselves with their quality and durability and on the top of that they even agree on covering the defects for a certain period of time. Timu is one of these quality compared companies which has a five year guarantee on its products.

Tumi Vapor Lite Extended Trip Packing Case

Specific features:

· Fabric lining

· interior straps, zipped pockets, 4 wheel system, TSA lock

· retractable top handle

Starting with the most important quality, this Tumi product has a solid frame which can endure almost any pressure. You can feel confident enough to put a fragile object between your clothes. The zipper is usually the first thing that goes wrong after a while. In this case, this issue is avoided by inserting a zipper with high quality and well aligned zipper teeth. The only way the zipper is going to fail you is by over packing it. The TSA approved lock is just the tip of the iceberg; in extreme situations it allows opening the suitcase without damaging it. As for the size, it is perfect for two people or for an extended trip. The shell of the suitcase is hard, so it adds to the protection of your belongings. As for the designer in you, its shell is covered with a glossy finish which gives the suitcase a luxury look.

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Tumi V3 International Carry On Luggage

Specific features: · Polycarbonate · Zipper closure · Retractable top handle, TSA lock, 4 wheel system · 3 stage handle Everyone who has ever tried a Tumi suitcase, knows that it means buying a quality product; this suitcase proves the case. Its 4 wheel system has a great maneuvrebility and can be spun in every direction with ease. The telescoping handle comes in three stages and is easily adjusted. However if you are not a frequent traveler, the TSA lock, might confuse you, but Tumi has taken care of this issue by including directions of use in the package. Even though the suitcase is lightweight, it is very durable and if not mishandled, it could last you for years. A small detail of attention is the zipped section inside which includes small pockets for small objects like jewelry for instance. Its only downside is the price, but having in mind the features included, you still get a great deal out of it.

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Tumi Alpha 2 Continental Expandable 4 Wheel Carry-On

Specific features · Ballistic nylon · Textile lining · Zipper closure As an alternative to the polycarbonate suitcase material is this Tumi product made from 100% ballistic nylon. This material is extremely durable and resistant to scratches. However, it is not recommended for packing fragile objects inside. Its rotating wheels are allowing movement in every direction and improve its functionality. And as a bonus feature is that the wheels are silently following you without driving attention to your suitcase. It is spaceous enough to accommodate weeks worth of clothes or clothes for two. This suitcase represents the top of the line quality and it is a product you wouldn’t have to replace every other year. Having on mind the price of the luggage, it is a product which shouldn’t be bought every year. Instead, you should get the quality you are paying for and travel many years with it through sand and snow. However, the reality is that in order to choose a quality product, a thorough research of its qualities and properties should be made. In order to save you the time, we have done this fore you and have shortened the list by leaving you with three quality choices you couldn’t go wrong with. Make sure you share with us your choices in the comment section bellow!

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Tumi bestseller

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Titan Luggage
The manufacturer Titan manufactures at Weichschalen- and hard case, which are distinguished by their gaudy colors and sturdiness.

Priced moves the manufacturer in the midfield, where the quality of the associated trolley are even lower in the superclass. The price/performance ratio so wrong with Titan.

Company History of Titan

Only in 1983, the establishment of the German company took place.

Through clever marketing, such as sponsoring for “Germany’s Next Top Model” and ordinary processing, the company quickly brought international recognition.

Stability and lightness were at Titan have always been at the forefront of history.

In 2004, a trolley of the model TITAN Xenon Plus was chosen as the winner in case the test of Stiftung Warentest in the hard case tested.

From 2010 Hard shell case made of polycarbonate are manufactured.

Produced in Germany Model TITAN 5th Element Award in 2010 with the prestigious “German Leather Goods Prize”.

Bought, the trolley primarily in Europe, the USA and Australia.

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Stratic LuggageThe manufacturer Stratic advertises with ease and functionality for its case. The company was founded in 1946 and designed the case since in Frankfurt. In Europe, on the other hand most of the production. Although the company compared to the other groups is young it has already established itself as a brand in the world and is one of the best-selling manufacturers in the suitcase.

Actually, the soft-sided suitcases and travel bags are the hallmarks of Stratic, however, particularly the hard-shell suitcases are increasingly greater competition for the other major manufacturers such as Delsey and Samsonite.

Suitcases of Stratic

Stratic sets the plastic is a polypropylene which is slightly heavier than polycarbonate or ABS innately. As follow the case of Stratic overweigh the average, it, however, very stable and compact.

The cases have – as usual nowadays – an integrated TSA lock and feature high-quality trolley aluminum handles.

Generally Stratic Trolleys always have four wheels. This means that they can be held in an upright position, which prevents unnecessary wobbling.

The processing and the nature of the surfaces are very high and need the right to not hide the expensive brands such as Delsey or Rimowa.

However, this is also reflected in price again. The suitcases are namely priced only slightly below the mentioned companies.

Nevertheless, they exhibit a good price-performance ratio. Especially as the interior of the case is cleverly thought out and dressed quality.

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Samsonite LuggageSamsonite is probably the best known brand in the trunk segment and also the largest manufacturer of trolley.
The company manages to offer contemporary design with high quality in material and processing for a still affordable price.

So many suitcases and bags are settled in the middle to high price segment, which is why they are recommended preferably to people who want to use their luggage not only for a single trip.
Because of that those who wish to use their baggage several times, should definitely look out for what Samsonite has to offer.

The range of Samsonite is very extensive. Trolleys with soft shell as well as hard case are made available in various designs.
In addition, many travel bags and smaller pockets are included in range as hand luggage or carry on baggage.
The high quality of the materials make the products of Samsonite work perfectly.

Company History

The company has its origins in 1910 in the USA. The brothers Shwayder establish one of the first wooden chests and establish the company.

In 1941, an innovative luggage series was presented with the name Stream Lite. It consisted of a wooden frame construction with vulcanized fiber plates with an look of raw leader.

In 1962, the first ABS briefcase for a new generation of flexible business people had been developed.

The first Samsonite suitcase on wheels was completed twelve years later.

From the 2000s Samsonite began first aluminum products manufacture.

The first spinners model with four wheels for more stability and mobility was launched in 2003, allowing travelers from that date to have the opportunity to use their case either by pulling or rolling.

2008: The first Cosmolite was made out of the innovative Curv material and was at this point the strongest and lightest Samsonite suitcase ever.

In 2014, a new lightweight collection combines a frame lock with the revolutionary Curv material. Ease had never been so safe and security had never been so easy.


Samsonite Cosmolite

Samsonite Cosmolite
Samsonite Cosmolite

The Cosmolite by Samsonite is also a very good trolley.
The design is well performed and the patented material curv is the best on the market.

In view of the price/performance ratio the suitcase also provides a good quality, handling and processing at a little bit more reasonable price in comparison to the Rimowa Salsa Air.

The Samsonite Cosmolite spinner is best for travelers who have a medium to high travel volumes.

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Bestseller for Samsonite

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Rockland LuggageRockland Luggage is usually at the lower end of the price spectrum. While there are sets that run over $100, they don’t get much more expensive than that. Overall, they focus on products that are brightly colored and provide a wow factor with patterns. Their options are not very business oriented and though the price is right, durability has been called into question.
Rockland Luggage Sets Product Review


When traveling, you want to be sure your luggage will hold up to the bumps, thumps and scratches that inevitably occur. You also will be looking for features that are useful to them, whether they be extra pockets, comfortable movement or ability to fit everything in. As a frequent traveler myself, I understand the importance of selecting the right luggage. Everyone has different needs and expectations from their product. In this article, I introduce three Rockland Luggage sets currently available on Amazon. This article should shine some extra light on whether these products will be the right pick for you.

The brand – Rockland

The Rockland luggage line is part of the Fox Luggage group and initially made their appearance in early 2008. One of their appeals is the trendy, vibrant colors they are manufactured in. Luggage types in the range span from large suitcases, to carry-on luggage and rolling backpacks.This gives the buyer a variety of solutions for their travel needs. The bags are made with different materials, including ABS and polyester. Overall, customers generally like the brand, pointing out their good value with a few minor flaws. I have presented here three products from the current line for you to check out.

Rockland Luggage Spinner Set

Manufactured with ABS material (the solid, lightweight, plastic-type shell), the Rockland Luggage Spinner Set comes with a 20 inch carry-on and 28 inch check-in size. Available in many different colors, the set offers value for those looking to purchase two cases in a set for a reasonable price.


  • 100% ABS material (hard-shell)
  • 20” x 13” x 9” (20 inch carry-on)
  • 28” x 17” x 12” (28 inch suitcase)
  • Weight – 6 lbs (20”), 10 lbs (28”)
  • Interior zip and mesh pocket elasticized pocket
  • Multi-directional spinner wheels rotating 360 degrees
  • Expandable
  • Internal chrome telescopic handle with push button

Disadvantages of the Rockland Luggage Spinner Set

Some customers have complained of the poor quality structure. In some cases, it has resulted in the luggage being completely unusable after a short number of trips. Being 6 lbs and 10 lbs respectively, the weight is comparatively higher than other brands on the market.

Advantages of the Rockland Luggage Spinner Set

Conversely, other customers said their luggage held up well after many flights, with some praising the quality of the cases. The easy maneuverability coming from the wheels that spin 360 degrees, along with the comfortable handle was rated positively in several reviews.

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Rockland Melbourne

Also produced in a large range of bright colors, the Rockland Melbourne has been slated as a functional choice for the budget conscious. Like the previous model, it is a hard-sided case with expandable zip option. Its 4 wheels are designed for ease of use around the tight confines in airport queues and aircraft.


  • 100% ABS (hard-shell)
  • 22” x 13” x 9”
  • Weight – 6 lbs.15oz
  • Interior zip and mesh pocket elasticized pocket
  • Multi-directional spinner wheels rotating 360 degrees
  • Expandable by an additional 1.5”
  • Internal chrome telescopic handle with push button

Disadvantages of the Rockland Melbourne

The low cost nature of the product lends itself to being light on in features. There are mixed reviews on quality, with some experiencing poor construction and flimsy material. One of the professional review sites stated that the handle broke on the first flight. The 4 wheels have also come under fire for not being as easy to maneuver as promised. This is an issue when you are taking your luggage through tight spaces or rushing for a boarding call.

Advantages of the Rockland Melbourne

If you’re budget won’t allow spending hundreds of dollars on a carry-on, then this item might be for you. Available quite cheaply, it is a good option for those looking for an inexpensive option. The expandable sides will allow that extra item or two to squeeze inside and the internal divider can come in handy.

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Rockland Luggage Spinner

The last of the three products presented in this article, the Rockland Luggage 19” inch Spinner offers a few aspects that are different to the other two mentioned. Firstly, it is made out of 100% polyester, an alternative to the hard-shelled plastic outer casing of the previous products. It is also slightly smaller, available in fewer colors and quite noticeably contains two pockets on the outer front side. In line with other Rockland products, it also places itself in an affordable price range.


  • 100% polyester material
  • 19” x 14” x 8”
  • Weight – 8lbs
  • Interior zip and mesh pocket elasticized pocket
  • Multi-directional skate wheels rotating 360 degrees
  • Fully lined interior
  • Expandable
  • Internal chrome telescopic handle with push button

Disadvantages of the Rockland Luggage Spinner

Being heavier than other available carry-on luggage might become a problem as airline policies get stricter. A carry-on bag by itself should not be almost half the regular allowance! There weren’t too many negative comments amongst users, except for some mentioning again the questionable build quality, specifically with the wheels and handle.

Advantages of the Rockland Luggage Spinner

By far the most positive feedback relates to its low price. Many have stated that they could forgive the quality in favor of a very affordable bag. Customers might also prefer the soft nature of the polyester material compared with the hard-shell plastic of others in the Rockland range. The two additional pockets at the front might appeal to some people, and despite its low price, it still manages to have 4 wheels that boast the 360 degree movement.

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Bright designs, functionality and an affordable price are the major advantages of the Rockland range. Having colorful luggage goes beyond pure aesthetics when searching for your luggage on the belt! Being on the cheaper price scale, these products will appeal to many travelers, particularly those that don’t travel often and are simply looking for a practical bag to take their stuff in. Having said that, if you want better quality in terms of comfort in movement and weight, then perhaps these are not for you. If you can look past the lower quality, as some reviewers have mentioned, then the Rockland range presents decent value for luggage that has many of the important features travelers need on their journey.

Rockland best sellers

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Briggs & Riley

As the holiday season is upon us many are looking forward to a much-needed break to end off the year. A fantastic holiday is exactly what is needed to relax, unwind and have a great time. While some people may be looking to gorge themselves on newly found cultural cuisine, others are perhaps looking forward to sipping cocktails on a tropical island feeling the warm sand beneath their feet. When preparing for a trip it is vitally important to ensure that you always have the best luggage for your journey.

The brand – Briggs & Riley

When travelling I’m always making sure that I pack in all of my “creature comforts” no matter where in the world I am. Being a woman, I like to pack A LOT of things. Even those which seem unnecessary to my partner. In turn, I would need luggage which is offering me the most packing space available. For this reason, I need a Travel bag suitable for all my needs. Since I am very private and like to take care of my things, a durable and sturdy bag must always form part of my travel luggage. I cannot imagine a worse scenario than finding a mangled bag, dented or ripped open with broken zips result in underwear laying all over the place as if they were used as streamers for a massive party. When I find a great travel set of luggage I prefer to stock up on as many pieces as I can. What you want in great travel luggage is Space – no one goes on holidays without doing a little bit of shopping. Extra compartments for much-needed items such as laptops is an all important factor. As I was browsing the web, I came about a few great looking travel suitcase sets. Briggs & Riley have launched three products for the travel connoisseur. I decided to review their line to compare the details regarding their three most sort-after products, and to see if their products really met the standards they seemed to uphold with their customers.

Briggs & Riley Baseline

Briggs & Riley Baseline rolling carry-on travel luggage is known as a top pick among travellers. The top pick of frequent travellers for its cx technology. This allows for the bag to expand by up to 25 percent if more packing space if needed. For overhead storage, it compresses back down to its original size.

Product Details

  • Bags Dimension: 14 x 9 x 22 inches
  • Made from: 100 % nylon
  • Fabric lining
  • Zipper closure
  • 22” height
  • Aircraft-grade aluminium handle system – featuring 4 stop heights
  • Life time warranty (covering airline damage)
  • Shipping Weight: 11.3 pounds
  • and Item can be shipped within U.S (Domestic) but is not eligible for shipping internationally
  • and Lifetime warranty even covers airline damage

Disadvantages of the Briggs & Riley Baseline

One of the biggest disadvantages is that according to multiple reviews the Briggs & Riley Baseline is actually taller than advertised. The true measurement being 23.5″ tall has made it almost impossible to use this bag as a carry-on, as the U.S airlines have limited their carry-on size to 22x14x9. The Briggs & Riley Baseline can be shipped within U.S (Domestic) but is unfortunately not eligible for shipping internationally.

Advantages of the Briggs & Riley Baseline

Created using ballistic nylon the outer fabric resists wear and tear, which results in this product lasting a lifetime. Not only that, but the Baseline’s fabric also resists moisture, dirt and abrasion. This is a great feature when it comes to investing in travel luggage which will accompany you on your journey for years to come. Not only that, but the frame is constructed from lightweight hybrid fibreglass which provides flexibility, durability as well as shape retention – so your luggage won’t lose its shape.

The Baseline also offers a flat interior surface, great for ensuring that packed clothes are free of wrinkles. More interior capacity is given due to the outside handles as well as an outside pocket. This is great for all those men and women who need the extra space for odds and ends or quick-access items. Stronger V-groove handle tubes ensure less jamming. Tethered smart link straps allow for you to carry multiple bags as one. Another great feature the Briggs & Riley baseline offers are self-repairing zippers with lockable double zipper pulls and gusseted zipper pocket allowing for quick access to items.

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Briggs & Riley Transcend

This collection is described as relaxed – enabling proven functionality for easier and faster getaways. Briggs & Riley Transcend luggage is described as smartly designed while being lightweight. Part of the transcend collection is the Transcend Carry-on Upright bag. This bag is perfect for when you find yourself in one of those situations, where taking with you only one travel bag seems to be your only option.

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 9.3 x 22.5 x 14 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 11.2 pounds
  • Imported
  • 100% Nylon
  • Lightweight, durable, two-tone fabric resists wear, moisture, dirt and abrasion< li>
  • 21″ high
  • Expands to 12.3 in and 31.1 cm
  • Lifetime warranty even covers airline damage

Disadvantages of the Briggs & Riley Transcend

Unfortunately as with the Biggs & Riley Baseline it yet again seems as if the length of the Transcend is also not what is advertised –posing more problems for customers at airlines.

Advantages of the Briggs & Riley Transcend

What I find great about the Briggs & Riley Transcend is that when one bag is your only option their upright bag really steps up to the challenge. This bag is able to accommodate luggage for a trip with the duration of 2-4 days, while boasting features that’s will aid you in your packings such as a hideaway Cargo net – for items such as jackets and magazines- Adjustable EX Hook Mesh Garment Panels – which are perfect for keeping your clothes from moving, allowing for less wrinkles. Messes and spills are easily cleaned with a damp, wet cloth for convenience.

Briggs & Riley Verb Pilot

Created for modern professionals who blend work with play. Verb keeps ever-connected forward thinkers at their best and mobile technology at the ready. Fuse business and pleasure with the Pilot Carry-On. This ‘suitcase meets laptop bag’ is the perfect fit for tech-savvy professionals on the go.

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 9 x 21.5 inches
  • Lightweight nylon twill fabric resists moisture, wear, dirt and abrasion
  • 100% Nylon
  • Imported
  • Fabric lining
  • Zipper closure
  • 21.5″ high
  • Slip business card pockets
  • Versatile Velcro key keeper
  • Deep zippered compartment
  • Item can be shipped within U.S (Domestic) but is not eligible for shipping internationally
  • Lifetime warranty even covers airline damage

Disadvantages of the Briggs & Riley Verb Pilot

There seems to be a complaint regarding the treading pulling lose on a certain number of these bags – although thankfully not all. Another disadvantage is the overloaded look the office pocket tends to have when packed to full capacity and zipped up. Another factor is that without clothing being packed in the bag sometimes tends to fall over- even with the laptop in. For this reason, rather pack clothing in and pack your laptop in last to prevent this.

Advantages of the Briggs & Riley Verb Pilot

The Briggs & Riley Verb Pilot has been praised by many alike for its fantastic added space. You can comfortably pack clothes for a trip lasting up to 10 days. With added storage, it is one of the most practical bags one can own. What is even more amazing is the fact that these bags come with built in RFID blocking pocket for credit cards and passports – which hinders unauthorized access to your personal data. For smaller items, packing provisions have now also been made through CordControl eclectic loops. These loops can hold small items such as earphones cords, memory cards and pens. Also, a fantastic feature known as CordPass organizes and protects power brick and connects power cord to the laptop compartment. This means that your laptop will stay safe and secure while it is being charged. For high-tech gadgets (smartphones, mp3 players, power adapters etc.) Compartments are available.

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I found that each of Briggs & Riley’s luggage collections featured something for everyone. From added packing spaces to additional safety features they have successfully created a range to suit the needs of each and every individual. If you are looking to purchase luggage for your travels – which will last a lifetime with added technology for an even greater packing and travel experience I can recommend Briggs & Riley’s collection of travel luggage. Especially if you are in need of extra space this holiday season, being a heavy packer like myself.

Briggs & Riley best sellers

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American Tourister

Amercian Tourister“Growing up and yet remain young” is the motto of the manufacturer American Tourister, which was established in 1933 in Providence, Rhode Iceland. The company is known for its extremely gaudy colorful suitcases.

Company History of American Touriser

Sol Koffler, the founder of the company, used his entire savings for founding a company that should be able to realize his dream of durable luggage that only had to cost a dollar.

In 1945, when the demand for lighter baggage rose, as more and more people could afford to travel, American Tourister leads the market with his Hi-Taper. This model was compared to existing series a lot more light weighted and much easier to pack.

Since the 1950s the company experimented with injection molding and presented as a result one of the world’s first luggage series.

As the number of trips in the 1960s soared, American Tourister was the first luggage manufacturer which products were made official available for flight attendants of the major airlines.

In the 80s and 90s, the company answered the growing demand for soft luggage which was the toughest test.

In year 1993 American Tourister was adopted by Samsonite. Two major brands were thereby combined into a group. American Tourister continues to grow and is now represented in over 90 countries.

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Hauptstadtkoffer LuggageThe suitcase manufacturer Hauptstadtkoffer from Berlin enjoys ever increasing popularity and advertises with the slogan “Made in Germany”.

It runs – similar to Apple – the conception, the marketing and sales in Germany, but run the production in China.

Hauptstadtkoffer has focused exclusively on hard-shell case with bright colors.

The workmanship might not be as good as the expensive industry representatives like Samsonite oder Rimowa.

Nevertheless, the price/performance ratio is very good on all models of Hauptstadtkoffer because of the low price.

The trolleys have a stringent and clear design, grooves in the hard shell are similar to the design of classics by Rimowa.

Particularly typical for Hauptstadtkoffer are the huge possible choices of color. They also made neon bright colors available.This is nice for recognition at the baggage claim.

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