The 5 best kids luggage sets for travel

There are many kids luggage sets on the market, designed to make travel
even more fun for the younger members of your family. Here we take a look at
some of the most popular ones that are currently available.

Rockland Luggage Two-Piece Set

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  • 100% polyester and fully lined
  • Expandable to 10″ deep
  • Suitcase is 19″ H x 13″ W x 8″ D
  • Inline skate wheels, stability bar, and telescopic handle
  • 2 front full size zipper secured pockets and 3 internal pockets
  • Carry-on tote bag is 12″ W x 11″ H x 5.5″ D
  • Tote bag features a detachable adjustable shoulder strap

Disadvantages of the Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Set

The feet on the bottom are designed so that the larger case can stand up
but this can be unstable. If you’re at the airport, you always have to find a
wall to lean it against if you want to leave the suitcase upright, otherwise it
topples over more or less every time.

This isn’t a good set if you’re traveling frequently and the staff at
the airport handles your bag, so you’d be better with something sturdier. The
zippers also aren’t very strong and can sometimes break.

Advantages of the Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Set

This expandable luggage set is manufactured from durable heavy-duty
fabric. The tote bag is suitable for most laptops and fits under the seat on a
flight. The larger bag also fits into the overhead bins on most aircraft.

The luggage set is the perfect size for children and great for them to
have their own set when traveling.

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Travel Buddies Luggage Set, Archie Alien

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  • Suitcase is 18″ H x 12″ W x 10″ D
  • 100% ABS/Polycarbonate with polyester lining
  • High-quality wheelie suitcase with matching 13″ hard-shell backpack
  • Dual height retractable handle, adjustable for use by adults or children
  • Suitcase has a hand carry handle
  • Backpack has a hand carry handle and child back straps
  • Wheelie weighs less than 5 pounds
  • Backpack weighs 1.5 pounds

Disadvantages of the Travel Buddies Luggage Set, Archie Alien

The suitcase is equipped with only two wheels and would be more
manoeuvrable with four. The set isn’t as durable as you’d expect for the
price. The hard shell scratches very easily, even without a lot of wear and
tear. The zippers are also poor quality and can easily break. The suitcase is perhaps
a little too small for longer trips and the internal design means that there’s
less storage space inside the case than you’d expect.

Advantages of the Travel Buddies Luggage Set, Archie Alien

The set provides hard-shell protection but still has a lightweight feel.
The backpack also fits inside the case when it’s not being used. The suitcase
is big enough for a child to pack enough clothes and other items for a short
trip. The larger case fits into the overhead bin on a plane and is classed as
kids’ hand luggage. The set is sturdy enough to handle a few bumps and knocks,
if you’re okay with the scratches as mentioned above.

It’s cute and your child will love it, as will anyone else that sees you
with the set at the airport. Your child will also easily spot it coming along
the baggage carousel, making them feel even more like they’re an independent

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DAVIDJONES Kid’s Rolling Carry on

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  • 100% Polyester
  • Polyester lining
  • 42.5″ shoulder drop
  • Suitcase is 21.3″ H x 13.37″W x 7.87″ D
  • Tote bag is 11.4″ H x 13.38″ W x 6.69″ D
  • Solid metal hardware and the padded front panel offer protection and durability

Disadvantages of the DAVIDJONES Kid’s Rolling Carry on

The luggage isn’t that well made and the zippers can easily be damaged.
If you did have to check in your bag, it might easily be damaged during the
process. I also prefer some outside pockets on the large bag for passports and
other travel documents, something that’s lacking in this set. This luggage
isn’t recommended for longer trips due to the size of the bags, so you’ll not
be using this for a seven-day vacation, for example. If you’re okay with a
luggage set that isn’t really designed for long-term use, this will be fine,
but don’t expect it to last that long.

Advantages of the DAVIDJONES Kid’s Rolling Carry on

The luggage meets all airline standards for carry on requirements for
the larger bag and the smaller one fits under the seat. The hard shell is curved, allowing you
to pack more items for short trips like weekend getaways. The luggage has carry handles on the
top and side and the tote bag can also be slipped over the luggage handle when
it’s extended, making carrying your luggage more convenient to handle.

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Kids Luggage 3D Racing Car Design

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  • Made from EVA material
  • Large bag is 17.55” H x 13.7” W x 5.07” D
  • Hard case is very durable and easy to pull along
  • Largest bag has a tri-wheel feature and standing feet to
  • keep it stable when stationary
  • Choose the extendable handle for pulling or the sturdy
  • grab handle when on stairs
  • Meets all the carry on luggage requirements
  • Lightweight and compact

Disadvantages of the Kids Luggage 3D Racing Car Design

It is very small, although of course that depends on what you’re going
to use it for. Your child will undoubtedly think this is very cool, but it’s
probably not ideal for school although okay for short trips. The case isn’t
perhaps as hard as you expect, but there don’t seem to be any issues with the
zippers. The lunch bag is quite cheaply made and wasn’t that easy to clean,
which I’d expect for something that gets messy very easily.

Advantages of the Kids Luggage 3D Racing Car Design

The set comes with large luggage bag, medium lunch box bag, and small
pen box bag, all in a matching design, available in red or blue, and it’s fun
for kids. You can even challenge you child to a race through the airport if you
think you’re in danger of missing your flight. Like the alien luggage set, your
child is sure to get lots of compliments when they’re seen with this cool suitcase
at the airport.

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Durable Luggage Set Dinosaur

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  • Upright carry on suitcase and hard shell backpack
  • Hard shell offers extra protection but also lightweight
  • 19” H x 13.5” wide x 9.5” D
  • Sturdy multi-directional wheels
  • Locking telescopic handle for easier pulling
  • Made from hardwearing polycarbonate, ABS and nylon

Disadvantages of the Durable Luggage Set Dinosaur

Although the plastic coating is optional and can be discarded, this isn’t
an easy task and takes time to completely remove. Once you’ve done that, like
most hard case luggage items, they can quickly become scratched and marked. The
backpack straps also break very easily, making the backpack unusable. The
backpack also isn’t really big enough to put much inside.

Advantages of the Durable Luggage Set Dinosaur

The luggage comes with a protective film to guard against scratches. You
can either retain this or remove it. The set meets hand luggage requirements
for overhead bins and the backpack can fit under the seat in front of you on a
plane. The set is small but is good for use on short trips, weekends away, or
for sleepovers. If your child really isn’t a dinosaur fan, the luggage set is
available in a couple of other designs.

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As I stated above, you do get what you pay for these days and it’s wise
to think about exactly what you’re expecting or needing. The lower the price,
even for kids luggage sets, the less durable the set seems to be and there
might be issues with important features, such as zippers, wheels, and straps.
Some of these sets are ideal for short trips and even to take along on a
sleepover, but make sure that you check out the reviews in advance so that you’re
not disappointed.

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