How to Transfer Frequent Flyer Miles Between Airlines

There are several U S airlines that offer frequent flyer programs which reward you for flying with them, including Delta, United, Southwest and American. With these programs, though, it is very likely that your points are divided between these different programs unless you always fly with the same carrier. There are websites where you can combine your miles so that you can have your points all in one place. Once you have decided where you want to fly, then you can use these sites to put all your miles toward that particular flight. Be aware that there will be a cost and not all miles will transfer.

What Conversion Programs are Available?

Points to miles and miles to miles are the two most popular types of programs, so be careful to use the right program to meet your desired outcome. It may be the easiest to convert points from retailers, hotel stays and train rides into miles that can be used on their airline partner sites.

Comparing Middlemen Websites that Offer Miles Transfer

Diners Club Rewards, Hilton HHonors Reward Exchange, Amtrak and are all websites that allow the conversion or transfers of points into miles. You will need to use Amtrak to get miles for Continental, United and Midwest and Continental and Midwest to convert miles or points to Amtrak; they convert at the excellent rate of one to one.
If you are interested in exchanging miles between Midwest and American, then the rewards program at Hilton HHonors will allow you to do that. Unfortunately, this kind of conversion is the least advantageous, as far as cost to you.

Converting your United and American miles can be done through the program at Diners Club. There is a two to one conversion here: you have to turn in 10,000 miles in order to receive 5,000 points. And don’t forget the fees that might be added on; For example, Diner’s Club allows you to convert 2,000 points for $.95.
Transferring points between American West, Air Canada, Alaska Airlines and Midwest can be done through You will only get 874 miles for Alaska Airlines and only 1046 miles for Air Canada, American West, Midwest, and American for every 10,000 miles you transfer.
You will probably have to pay fees and will definitely take a loss each time you make transfers like this. However, it is good to have such options available when they are needed.

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