Liquids in hand luggage – What is allowed in your hand luggage?

Whenever it comes to traveling by plane, arises quickly the question of what is currently allowed for hand luggage and what is not. There is a table that summarizes the most important facts.

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What is allowed in your hand luggage?

Vector Product luggage hand luggage
  Medications Baby food medicines, baby food Allowed Allowed
 Liquids in hand luggage Liquids Allowed 100ml
 Hygiene Hygiene items Allows 100ml
 Cosmetics Products Allows 100ml
 Mixtures mixtures of liquid and
solid substances, e.g. Spreads Allows 100ml
 Knife nail scissors, razors,
Pocket knife
max .6 cm blade length Allows 100ml
Gas Gas and gas containers,
Lighters, dyes
spray cans Prohibited Prohibited
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Liquids in hand luggage

It turns on the plane, among other things, the question of how liquids are allowed in hand luggage. Basically liquids are allowed in the trunk. In hand luggage but no liquid should be packed in larger quantities than 100ml. Exceptions to this liquid medicines and baby food.

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What should always be in hand luggage

Over the past few years were adopted specific guidelines for various security enhancements which items are allowed on the airplane and which are not.

Valuables: laptop, smartphone, cash, passport, flight documents, cameras, jewelry, keys should always hand luggage. If the checked baggage should namely be lost, at least the most important items for the trip are still available.
Spare clothes: If the own flight delay or other problems, it is always to have handy a T-shirt or sweater and underwear in your hand luggage.
What is permitted in hand luggage

baby food
Duty-free goods
Everyday objects such as nail Shears
Laptop, MP3 player or smartphone
What is forbidden in hand luggage

stunning equipment
sharps, which can cause serious injury
Tools that can cause serious injury
Explosive substances

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